Innovate - Create - Dominate

Our Purpose

Why HYPER Capital?

We use our own private capital and we care as much as you do

No cheque is too small

We make decisions fast & tell you how it is 

HYPER Capital treats everyone with respect and keeps things confidential 

We don't look for bargains, we invest fairly in great companies and focus on teams and quality

Private Funds Available to Invest

HYPER Capital has private family office money to invest across the sectors and opportunities we believe will generate the most return and solve the biggest problems in the world.

Hyper Capital invests in creative leaders with big ideas that solve real problems. 

We are always looking for growing companies seeking funding to develop further. 

"The speed at which HYPER Capital can move and make decisions is unprecedented. The professionalism of the team is best highlighted by them achieving exceptional in returns over the years."

Darren Holland - CEO, Aventus

"The leadership qualities, entrepreneurial spirit and no limits attitude at HYPER Capital is the finest I have ever seen in business. The value creation I have observed over the years has been nothing short of exceptional." 

Sam Allen - Founder, Trumen Corporation


We back those who are limitless in their thinking and strive to break through boundries.  

Our established and diversified portfolio allows us to focus on backing businesses to achieve long-term goals.


We invest locally and internationally with no boundaries, no limitations, no fear and partner with those who demand results.

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