We provide our privately funded debt secured against registered 1st mortgages that meet our lending criteria. 

We invest directly in each project that has been approved internally and in turn provide property developers the opportunity to achieve their goals.

HYPER Capital works with its list of approved investment managers and non-bank lenders to identify these projects. 



  • We are a team of start-up entrepreneurs and know exactly what it takes to make start-ups successful. How to balance funding and cash flow, culture, expansion, employee retention, competitors and everything else that comes with business.
  • We like technology based startups that aren’t afraid to tackle big issues due to their scalability. 
  • HYPER Capital currently holds several investments in companies ranging from e-commerce businesses, space technology, commercial 3D applications, Proptech, HR and Artificial Intelligence techology.

We give access to our team that has significant experience in running smaller to larger companies and can provide strategic support and the most crucial advice when it's most needed. 



  • HYPER Capital invests in several unlisted property funds and have direct investments with developers in multiple commercial build projects. 
  • Our real estate asset class portfolio is an important part of fixed assets that the fund holds and provides great returns which are reinvested back into various growth sectors. 
  • We back the most experienced developers with a proven track record and like niche projects.

HYPER Capital has provided short-term and long-term capital for projects and is focused on partnering with quality developers over quick returns.



HYPER Capital is invested in a number of local and global managed funds that cover a range of industries including:

  • Venture Capital
  • Equities
  • Alternative Investments (including commodities)
  • Commercial Real Estate debt 

Although the exposure to certain sectors and industries changes depending on the business climate, we are always seeking to diversity our capital.