• 100% Australian owned private investment company with a head office in Sydney that is backed by successful serial entrepreneur Gabriel Jakob. 
  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have built companies with multiple successful exits; 
  • Ability to operate in every state and territory of Australia and most key international markets.
  • Access to Gabriel Jakob who brings significant experience in scaling and managing medium to large high growth companies in the Asia Pacific, North American and European markets with an expertise in building a world-class culture and A-grade management teams.
  • We love supporting the underdogs and have a keen interest in backing scalable technology based businesses with international aspirations.  
  • Our handshake is as good as any cheque and we stick to our word.

Our balanced portfolio of investments and average return targets allows us to work with businesses using our expertise, we do not necessarily seek immediate returns on our capital but take a longer term view. Gabriel Jakob is strong believer that patience will win over quick short sighted investments. 

“Quality and sustainability will always be our focus and priority in our quest to build the greatest capital fund that supports the very best entrepreneurs and their teams.”                                                                                                                                                     - Gabriel Jakob


We are led by the greatest leaders where everything is possible and nothing is too difficult. Our approach is the same today as it was on day 1 of our first business start up. 

We are seeking the very best and self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

“We are interested in early and late round funding. With the right quality team behind a business, it's never too early or too late.

We will only invest in businesses we think can make a significant change to the world”                                                                                                                                                                       - Gabriel Jakob

HYPER Capital focuses on supporting, backing and providing strategic advice to strong management teams without the need for us to be involved in day to day decisions. 

Key Executive

Karth Sree works closely with and reports directly to the founder Gabriel Jakob and has the overall responsibility for developing and directing HYPER Capital’s overall investment strategy, working closely with the founder to identify and execute investment opportunities. Hyper Capital is 100% privately funded by Gabriel Jakob with no other external investors and is being overseen by Karth who is supported by team of specialists.

Karth plays a hands-on role with operational responsibilities for the portfolio and is supported by a team of specialists overseeing investments that include:

  • Start Ups: Identifying and negotiating investment opportunities in early stage businesses, both directly and through VC partners with a focus on industry 'game-changing' and high growth investments
  • Private Equity: Driving the investment strategy and growth of HYPER Capital’s premium assets.
  • Identifying and evaluating expansion opportunities for Hyper Capital’s e-commerce businesses.
  • Property: Evaluating and identifying commercial, retail and residential property development and investment opportunities including management of current portfolio.
  • Trading: Overseeing investments in the global commodities markets and managing annual strategies for these investments.
  • Philanthropy: Overseeing Gabriel's philanthropic activities.


Please reach out and contact us to learn more about our management team and our approach to investing.