Why Hyper?


  • We aren’t your typical PE or VC, because we have a balanced portfolio of steady returns already in place which allows us to work with you to achieve your goals.
  • We don't raise any money from investors, we use 100% of our own private cash capital so we care as much as you do.
  • No cheque is too small, we invest from $50,000 and up 
  • We make decisions fast and don't drag things on unnecessarily
  • We tell you how it is 
  • HYPER Capital treats everyone with respect and keeps things confidential 
  • We value you if have a proven track-record and established or if you are just hungry for success and can make things happen 
  • We back strong management teams
  • We don't chase deals and we don't play games. If you have something of value and we can assist or partner, we will invest. 
  • We are not looking for bargains, we invest fairly in great companies and focus on teams and quality.  

Whatever we become involved with, HYPER Capital seeks to:

Innovate - Create - Dominate